Take us with you

Sounds like a great deal: You taking us with you on your holidays! Well, what we are trying to say is that we can be very mobile too. Laut has an app for your Android or Apple mobile, easy as can be. Just install the app en search for AnZoRadio. Magic happens and your phone is now a radio with […]

Tuning in

You made it to the website, but you don’t hear any music. That’s right, due to legal reasons we ar nog allowed to play our own station music. But don’t worry. On the right you see a button that makes you happy. Just press that button and another window will open in your browser. Click on the play button and […]

New look

I guess it was time for a new look AnZoRadio brings you non stop radio with the best hits and it is nice to have a good website, so here is our 2020 version. We hope you enjoyed and still enjoy our music during the Corona crisis. With new courage and strength we are with you, any crisis. We love […]

Your Radio for 2020

Building up to a year full of music, we present you AnZoRadio. You may know us from Radionomy and periods of silence, but don’t worry, we’re back and here to stay. You can find us here, through social media and on your mobile. You can take us anywhere. Enjoy our popmusic from the good old days and the current hits […]